The Program At-a-glance

One-of-a-kind research opportunity

The Student Project for Amity among Nations (SPAN), Minnesota’s first study and research abroad program, can have a lasting affect on a student’s life and career path. The SPAN program offers:

  • — a summer abroad in a far-away location
  • — the opportunity for self-designed, independent research
  • — mentoring from qualified faculty with deep knowledge in international affairs
  • — a global perspective and world-wide connections that can last a lifetime
  • — personal and professional growth
  • — eight University of Minnesota credits in foreign studies (eight of the credits earned for FSSP 5960 & 5970 fulfill the “global perspectives” requirement and four of the credits meet the requirement for being considered “writing intensive”)
  • — a substantive research paper that may qualify as a senior or honors paper
  • — scholarships to financially support your journey

SPAN, the Student Project for Amity among Nations, is Minnesota’s oldest, and one-of-a-kind study and research abroad program. It was founded in 1947 by a group of students who saw the need for international understanding. Since its inception, nearly 3,000 SPANners have visited 93 countries on six continents. As a student-led non-profit organization, the Minnesota SPAN Association offers every SPAN participant a scholarship. SPAN is open to students from all Minnesota colleges and universities.