Editor’s note: This page will soon feature a short list of the more recent SPAN destinations. A complete list will eventually be found included in the history of the organization.
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Destinations 2013: France

Students who traveled with SPAN, the Student Project for Amity among Nations, to France during the summer of 2013 pursued research projects in the following areas: energy sustainability; The Russian emigre community; Muslim minorities and religious freedom, and the treatment of Jews in France during the Vichy government.

Kim Munholland, Ph.D., is a University of Minnesota emeritus professor of history.


Phone: 612-626-7598

Destination 2013: South Africa

SPANners to South Africa, 2013, explored the following topics: the role of community engagement in public policy development; animal conservation and its role in economics and politics; apartheid-era propaganda and the role of women; and lastly, oral storytelling about everyday life in South Africa.

Andrew Carlson, Ph.D., is an instructor in communications at Metro State University.


Phone: 651-999-5962

SPAN, the Student Project for Amity among Nations, is Minnesota’s oldest, and one-of-a-kind study and research abroad program. It was founded in 1947 by a group of students who saw the need for international understanding. Since its inception, nearly 3,000 SPANners have visited 93 countries on six continents. As a student-led non-profit organization, the Minnesota SPAN Association offers every SPAN participant a scholarship. SPAN is open to students from all Minnesota colleges and universities.