Destination 2016

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England & Scotland – 2016 SPAN Destination

Summer 2016: England & Scotland

England and Scotland share a border and a sometimes-contentious history. This shared history extends to much of U.S. culture as well. Research topics for England or Scotland—or both—abound. SPAN researchers can choose a topic from an extensive list of possibilities: literature, media, journalism, advertising, popular culture, music and art, history, politics, immigration and immigrants’ cultural influences, natural resources, agriculture, technology, archaeology — all these areas of interest are ripe for investigation!

students at Hadrian's Wall

Visit Hadrain’s Wall, which divides Scotland & England

The faculty advisor who will guide and mentor SPAN researchers is Lisa Heinrich, Ph.D., a mass communications professor at St. Cloud State University (SCSU). Heinrich has led five study abroad groups to England & Scotland; she has traveled extensively in Great Britain as well. Northern England is ideal for learning more about both countries and the rest of the United Kingdom.

Budgeting for SPAN summer abroad

Tuition: University of Minnesota tuition rate for eight (8) upper-level course credits is approximately $3,700; however for a U of M student, taking a spring semester course load of 13 credits or more, his or her tuition bill is capped at the cost of 13 credits. As a result, there may be, in effect, no cost for four of the eight credits. The eight SPAN credits (FSSP 5960 and FSSP 5970 – Writing Intensive) are awarded upon completion of the research paper in spring 2017.

Transportation and in-country expenses: As a SPAN student arranges his or her own accommodations, transportation, and air fare, these expenses vary depending upon the type of living arrangements the student chooses; home stays are possible.

Financial support & scholarships: Every SPANner receives a scholarship which can be used by the student toward the cost of the SPAN research program.