Social Media

The Student Project for Amity among Nations (SPAN) is no stranger to social media, the group of web-based tools that allow users to share and exchange information and ideas. In fact, SPAN encourages visitors to check out and “like” the pages SPAN has created on Facebook. It is also possible to connect with current and former SPANners using LinkedIn, a professional networking online service.

Stay connected

The Student Project for Amity among Nations is run for and by students in addition with generous contributions of time and talent from alumni. Visit and bookmark the following Facebook pages to keep up-to-date on what’s happening at SPAN:


SPAN – Student Project for Amity among Nations

Minnesota SPAN Association

2014 Cuba & Puerto Rico SPAN Facebook Group

2014 Russia SPAN Facebook Group (This site is open only to members of the Russia 2014 and those affiliated with SPAN; it is a private site used primarily for class reminders and internal communications among members of the group.

Again, you are invited to “like” the Facebook pages which are open to the public and friends of SPAN so the latest news from SPAN can appear in your Facebook newsfeed (if you have an account) and you may abreast of SPAN news.